Application Monitoring

Do you actively monitor your applications? Chances are that if your development team doesn’t, your operations group does. There are a variety of metrics that they are watching at a high level like CPU and memory usage performance counters and whether or not your applications and services are up or down. These help them to…

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Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility

Have you ever had this experience before? I drove up to a Chase ATM to transfer money from my Liquid account (re-loadable debit card we use for budgeting purposes) to our main checking account. (I know – it would be nice if I could just transfer this stuff online. Unfortunately, the Liquid account does not…

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Being Prepared

It happens every once in a while. I waltz into the classroom looking forward to a new lesson and suddenly realize that today is the final exam. Everything I should have been preparing for is finally due. And I haven’t done anything — no flash cards, no notes, no readings, no late night, caffeine-infested sessions…

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