Application Monitoring

Do you actively monitor your applications? Chances are that if your development team doesn’t, your operations group does. There are a variety of metrics that they are watching at a high level like CPU and memory usage performance counters and whether or not your applications and services are up or down. These help them to…

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Is creating readable code an important feature of writing quality software? Is it something that you would mention when reviewing code for one of your team members? Typically, when we review code we focus on making sure that: It does what it is supposed to do It handles potential failures It avoids duplication It performs…

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Failing Fast

Raise your hand if you have seen this before in your development or production error logs.

As you might have guessed, this is informing us that we are calling a method or property on an object that is currently null. The stack trace might be able to help us to locate where the error…

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